Millennial Secret to Success

by Austin Bradley, MBA

Millennials are the bridge generation of the digital era – and it’s likely the secret to their success. They are the last generation to know the seemingly immutable wonders that were the Floppy and Compact Disk; anachronisms that have now lost their place in this digitized world. In fact, it is safe to say that the Millennial Generation are the harbingers of this interconnectivity and social media boom – this group practically coined the term catfish, as it’s now used!

Moreover, it is the understanding of the world then and now that makes this generation’s perspective a winning one.

Millennial Trials to Success

Could you imagine and world without Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? In fact, a large portion of millennials grew up without any of it! They grew up fearing the pain of moving with the resolve that they would never have any meaningful connection with those they moved away from. Or the unnerving feeling that “this is it” as the latter half began to enter the job marketing, not knowing about the more fitting and higher paying job down the street because the job visibility just wasn’t there – no LinkedIn linking in!

Millennial Secret to Success

They lived through seemingly unimaginable times, a world without modern social media, but it is because millennials know the value of connection, information and social synergy that is driving their inexorable push to coaches and social teams at a blistering rate – and it appears that they’re on to something.

Millennial Master Class

Through the trials of youth, they’ve honed-in on the art of “working smarter, not harder” and it is paying dividends – literally and metaphorically. By leveraging the knowledge of coaches and social networks, that is someone or a group of people who have been there and done that via their own experience, they are not only showing increasing success rates in business ownership and financial freedom, but they are doing it at speeds never before seen in previous generations.

They are learning from and further becoming the masters of their Master Class generation.  

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